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For over 60 years the leading manufacturer of wood coatings.

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    PRODUCTS PRODUCTS FOCUSSED ON EVERY WOODEN SURFACE In the broad range of Astra Vernici® production there is always the...
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    RESEARCH A constant effort in research Quality control is the guiding light of Astra Vernici® activities, confirmed by...
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    WARRANTY PLUS PROGRAM from 1951 in ASTRA VERNICI Srl we are engaged in development and production of wood coatings for...

Since 1951, Astra Vernici®, has been manufacturing wood coatings and related materials thanks to a collection of solutions with great efforts in research and qualifying choices, from the careful selection of raw materials to the objective of reaching top results, coupled with maximum environmental care. Astra Vernici®, a multi-flexible company, offers the advantages of an efficient on-time package with tailor-made service, which confirms it as a partner for its clients. Within the last several years, Astra Vernici® has undergone major developmental changes. Key strategic areas include environ- mental issues, shortening client lead times and development to meet the ever increasing market demand.

Over the past few years Astra Vernici® has developed a remarkable grow, which certifies the validity of the business strategies and the reaction in responding the increasingly complexity market demands. Astra Vernici® is organized in a brand new and super modern manufacturing plant with technical and professional resources that enable us to combine a wide range of product with the highest flexibility to fulfil the customer requests. The "secret" of the versatility of Astra Vernici is in the strategy to remain a super flexible medium-sized company while investing in best state of art technology as the same time.

Astra Vernici® is a direct and responsible partner to establish direct contacts focused on quality, competitiveness and customization. Key factor in this goal is the automatic warehouse, organized with computerised control technologies to optimize each stage of the order management.

Why chooseing us

For over 60 years we have been producing wood coatings and complementary products, with a wide range of solutions.
The careful selection of raw materials and the will to achieve maximum results while respecting the environment. Rendeono our products the best on the market.
Productive technology investments and upgrades that have featured in recent years Astra Vernici ®, have allowed the company to be competitive in all markets of reference.
The culture of quality is a key driver of the business process activity Astra Vernici ®, witnessed by adopted, in every sector and operational role, from the level of production and the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

Latest News

  • News 2016-02-12: The new factory keeps growing!

    News 2016-02-12: The new factory keeps growing!

    12 January 2017
  • News 2015-09-16: The new colour fan ASTRACROM is now available!

    News 2015-09-16: The new colour fan ASTRACROM is now available!

    16 September 2015